Since We Have Such Hope…

Some Words About Peace, Faith, Hope, Love


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I wonder what the world would be like if we did not work so hard to avoid everything. So much in our lives exists to help deaden our senses: not only drugs and drink, but electronics and countless other diversions. If we really felt everything there is to feel, I wonder if we would fall apart. The world seems like it would drastically change if we just accepted and encountered the pain of our circumstances head on, as it is. But we do not. We anesthetize in order to avoid feeling too much.

If we allowed ourselves to feel the pain in the world, I believe we may move on to better things. We would have to change things. We would not be able to bear things the way they are.

Author: Joel Ybarra

Joel is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist who practices at Hope Community Church in Andover, Kansas and Real Life Counseling in Wichita. Joel has worked in ministry with youth and adults and has traveled on missions to various parts of the U.S., Central America, Europe and Africa. He has experience doing therapy in foster care facilities, substance abuse treatment and private practice. Joel also loves to write and listen to music. He lives in Andover with his wife and three daughters.

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